We strive to make orthodontic treatment affordable to all who seek our assistance.  The fees for treatment in our office are spread out over a predetermined time and are based on treatment complexity and an estimate of treatment duration.  

An estimate of these fees can often be given at your consultation appointment and actual fees and payment schedules are determined and communicated once a treatment plan has been decided upon with you.

In most situations an initial fee is set up which is then followed by monthly payments.  These payments are interest free as long as the account is kept up to date.  We are pleased to offer this financing to the vast majority of our patients.  A discount can be evaluated for those who wish to prepay the entire balance at the beginning of treatment.



We are happy to accept insurance benefit assignments from most plans that include orthodontic coverage.  We will help you to confirm eligibility and benefits and will submit required paperwork with your assistance so that you may receive the maximum that you are due.  It is important to understand that financial arrangements are made between this office and our patients and not with the insurance company.  Insurance companies do not regulate our fees as we do not regulate their premiums.  The account holder is responsible for all amounts not paid by the insurance agency.

Most orthodontic insurance is contained in a supplemental policy attached to your dental insurance benefits.  It is generally present as a benefit to be paid as a percentage of the treatment fee up to a lifetime maximum.  You may have dental insurance benefits but may not have orthodontic coverage.